The Purpose of the DDA

DDA, Definitely Detective Agency. What do we do? Why are we here? Well, I hope to succeed in answering those questions for all of curious people out there today. The word definitely is one of the most widely misspelled words in the English language. The goal of the DDA is to assist in making the world a better place by correcting instances where definitely is misspelled, and educating the English speaking population of the world in the correct spelling. There you have it, short and sweet, our purpose of existence. Thank you for reading, and striving to always spell definitely with the utmost correctness.

Tabitha H.
DDA Treasurer


  1. Very good, Tabitha! :) Lovely signature, too. ;) I think we should make a motion at the next (well first) meeting to sign all our posts like that. :)

  2. I would most heartily agree!