... is the correct spelling.

Many thanks to our dear Chief and Founder, Allison Whisler, for making me this awesome magnet for my 20th Birthday.

It is very effective in getting the word out about the correct spelling of definitely. (Plus it is sparkly. And funny.)

By the way, the cause that the shirt refers to is to see that definitely is spelled correctly wherever possible.

Okay, not really. It's actually talking about rebelling against the low expectations our culture has for young people. (Go to The Rebelution for more info...) And one of those low expectations is that we'll spell definitely incorrectly.

The DDA is here to change that. Thank you all for your support in this culture changing endeavor!

DDA Assistant Chief and Magistrate 


  1. Oh goody, you saw it! I was hoping you had. :D

  2. Your T-shirt is SO cool!
    I've wanted to get a Rebelution T-shirt for a long time, but because I live in Australia, they are very hard to get!