A Proposition

What shall we call those poor creatures who are uninformed of the accurate spelling of “definitely”? Using names such as “ignoramuses”, “misspellers”, “chuckleheads”, and so on seem rather petty and impractical to me. Shall we all come to agreement on a good name for that portion of the public who do not spell “definitely” correctly?

I propose the following name:


Please comment and tell me what you think, or add a better word if you can think of one and we shall consider it.

Thank you for your participation.

Andrea P.
DDA Officer and Secretary


  1. I like it! My only fear is that it might be a bit harsh upon those who do not spell definitely correctly.

  2. Hmm... that should be good. Let me see here... *looks around in her brain for more ideas*

    Definators? haha.

    Oh, Tabitha, that might happen, but perhaps it will spur them on to do the Hard Thing of learning the proper spelling. :D